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A Premiere Cleveland Video Production Facility

For a quarter century, both nationally and in Cleveland, we've amassed an impressive client list that we're proud to have won many awards for. Our versatile production capabilities cover all bases: Broadcast, Training, Product & Commercial Use, Marketing and Promotional, Safety, and Educational. OSV Studios is a premiere Cleveland video production facility.  We understand that each project is different, Listed below are many of the services that we offer, but give us a call and we will customize a solution that works for your project..

Recent News:

OSV Studios received Gold and Silver from the 37th Annual Telly Awards.


Have an idea that you want to bring to life? OSV Studios can make it happen. Script Writing, Storyboarding, Consolations. We can help connect you with talent, makeup artists, costume designers, and set designers.


On location or in our studio, OSV Studios will produce your projects effectively, and deliver stunning results.  We've been shooting high quality video for over 30 years.



OSV Studios has a team of editors to make your video look its best. Editing, motion graphics, visual effects, animation, and 3D.


OSV Studios will get your commercial on air, your video burned to a customized DVD, or streamable on YouTube or Vimeo. We utilize Hightail to deliver large files.



Need equipment? OSV has you covered. Cameras, lights, teleprompter, jib, dolly. Need a place to shoot? OSV Studios has a green screen studio and a sound stage. Need a sound booth to record audio? OSV has that too.


Live Streaming

OSV Studios can shoot your events and customize a package that works for you. We can even live stream your event so the world, or whoever you choose, can watch.

Do you want the world to be able to watch your event live? Make it free, or charge viewers. Call us for more information.

Drone Footage

OSV can get aerial footage of your location using our DJI Inspire 1. Exclusions apply. Call us for more information.

Product Visualization

OSV Studios can help you turn your CAD drawing into an animated video, helping your clients visualize your product.


Click below to watch our most recent demo reel featuring

award winning commercials, music videos, corporate videos, and movies.

Meet the Team

Craig Smith


Craig is a videographer and editor with over 31 years of experience, who has made OSV Studios into a premier production facility.

Kelly Smith

Business Manager

For over 31 years, Kelly has overseen and supervised OSV's productions

Vicki Cruz

Account Executive



Equipment Rental


Besides renting out one of the best studio spaces in Cleveland, OSV offers a large variety of equipment to be rented.


The list below details some of our more popular rentals. If you don't see what you need, please call us. It's very possible we have what you're looking for

3-Ton Grip and Lighting Truck

       $500 per day* ($.75/mile)


Featuring: Removable C-Stand Cart, Taco Cart, Light Cart and On-Truck Rental Discounts.


All equipment available for rental without truck. Call for quote.


*Does not include price of mandatory driver/ staff member.




How the Transfers Work:

Do you have memories that have become trapped on film, tape, or slides?  OSV will transfer them for you onto DVDs, so you can preserve them forever.

Per Photograph

Per Slide

Regular 8/ Super 8 Film

Super 8 Sound Film

16mm Film

Camcorder Tape(s)

(VHS, VHS-C, 8mm)


Call for Quote : 440-779-1900

Green Screen Studio


Large Studio


Sound Booth




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29605 Lorain Rd.

North Olmsted, Oh 44070

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(440) 779-1900

    All work is done in house.









    (Up to 2 Hours)

    Do you have a format that isn't listed, or prefer something other than a DVD?  Give us a call, and we will customize a solution just for you!


    2 650 Tweenies

    2 1K Mickeys

    2 1K Nook Lights

    3 200w Mini Mole

    1 1k Zip (softlight)

    2 Daylight Fay

    4 1K Babys

    1 2K Zip (Softlight)

    1 2K Mighty

    3 2K Babys



    1 dots & fingers kit

    4 reflectors

    1 2x6 meat axe

    1 4x4 Cucoloris (woodcut)

    1 4x4 Cucoloris (Celo)

    1 4x4 frame

    1 4x4 frame (w opal)

    1 4x4 frame (w gridcloth)

    1 4x4 frame (w 216)

    2 4x4 silks

    2 4x4 double net

    1 4x4 single net

    4 4x4 black floppy

    4 2x3 flags <p>1 2x3 Cucoloris (woodcut)

    1 2x3 Cucoloris (Celo)

    2 2x3 double net

    2 2x3 single net

    1 2x3 Silk

    1 2x3 frame(w Opal)

    1 18”x24” single net

    1 18”x24” double net

    2 18”x24” flags

    1 18”x24” silk

    2 12”x18” flags

    1 12”x18” silk

    1 12”x18” double net

    1 12”x18” single net

    1 6'x6' frame (single, double, solid, B/W griff, grid, bleached muslin, silk)

    1 8'x8' frame (single, double, silk, bleached muslin, solid, B/W griff)

    1 12'x12' frame (solid, B/W griff, single, double, bleached muslin, silk, grid) various beadboard bounces


    2 EOS C300 Mark i


    Canon Cinema Prime Lenses

    CN-E 14mm - T3.1 L F

    CN-E 24mm - T1.5 L F

    CN-E 50mm - T1.3 L F

    CN-E 85mm - T1.3 L F

    CN-E 135mm - T2.2 L F


    2 Canon XF205


    XDCam F350 HD Camera


    XDCam PDW-F70 Deck


    Panasonic HD Field Monitor




    6' Jib Arm


    Doorway Dolly


    Roman Dolly (Dana Dolly/Slider Dolly)


    Full Service Mobile Studio including:

    Switcher, RCU, monitoring for 3 cameras (program and preview);


    Ikegami cameras;




    On location editing;


    PA system for live events;


    2 - 8’ x 6’ projection screens with projectors;


    Live video conferencing to any location;


    Can be rented as full package for better rate or as individual elements


    Included Inventory with Truck Rental:


    Equipment List:


    Michele Schneider

    Consumer Production Manager, Video Editor



    On a daily basis, you can find Fin greeting customers, checking in on projects, but mostly sleeping in Kelly's office.


    Personal Hero: Moondog